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Brandon & Bryson Thomas


 After attending Hyperbaric Therapy for 13 sessions, Brandon and Bryson have both shown tremendous changes. Bryson has gone from 2 seconds of eye contact to making eye contact constantly. After making our second trip to the Hyperbaric Clinic, Brandon started making constant eye contact. Their bodies are starting to detoxify themselves thanks to a combination of supplements, therapy, homeopathy, and hyperbaric therapy. Bryson’s compliance is much better and Brandon is mimicking things we do for the first time ever. They both seem to be more motivated to do things on their own. Their therapists have seen a difference in both of the boys since starting hyperbaric therapy. “It is making a difference in their lives and has been a blessing in our lives to see these boys come so far in only three months.”

Jarrett & Jackson Alka

​Jarrett, 11, and Jackson, 4, have severe non-verbal Autism. The Alkas commenced Hyperbaric therapy 10-10-04 Jarrett has stopped having nosebleeds, his stimming has decreased, aggressive behavior has decreased, he is sleeping through the night, waking on his own, alert and happy. He is now interacting more with peers at school and church, making more direct eye contact, and is compliant and attendant to his required tasks. Jackson has been more vocal, is compliant  to trying new tasks, and attendant to his required tasks. He is learning new signs and using them appropriately, making more eye contact, displaying genuine emotions and affection, sleeping through the night and waking alert and happy, and he has less illnesses since beginning treatment.

Jack Halbert

Jack Halbert is 3 years old and has Autism. · Before trying mild hyperbaric therapy, Jack  would never sit still for a picture and look at a camera and smile.  Since his 10 treatments at the Hyperbaric Therapy, some pretty amazing things have been happening.  Jack has been following instructions better, making more eye contact and showing signs of empathy and greater communication skills. He even sat for 3 seconds straight smiling while Mom was taking pictures and said “More smiles. More pictures!”

Will And Josh Robinson

Both Will (age 5) and Josh (2 ½) have autism.Mother Myra was searching for all the pieces of her boys’ complex puzzle, and she found hope through the hyperbaric therapy center.Josh was completely non-verbal. After his very first session in the hyperbaric chamber, he said his first word: “keys”. Now he just functions like any other 2 year old, talking all the time. Will now gets all green cards at school! (green= great behavior, Yellow= not so good behavior, Red= very bad day) He has a real imagination now, and is learning to play peacefully  with his sister Sarah.

Hope Parker

Hope’s parents write:“We would like for you to know that the last two weeks have been such a blessing to us. Hope has become a different child & we appreciate it so much. She has gone from taking four to five Ritalin a day to only two or three per day. She loves to love and that's a major step for her.“She has no problem being in a crowd and her speech has improved greatly! The staff at the center are the best! God is so good & we are so blessed! Thank you so very much for helping us turn a little girl who had no social skills only two weeks ago into a social butterfly who meets no stranger. We know that things will only improve for Hope & she will overcome Autism completely!”

Luke Graves

​Luke, age 4, has Autism and an unspecified nervous system disorder manifesting as lack of verbal and social skills, along with fine and gross motor delays. Over 2 years of treatments, the results have been slow and steady with significant improvements in the areas of speech, connection to the family, increased effectiveness of conjunctive therapy, increased tolerance to various sensory input, and more eye contact. He seems to be adapting better to his environment. Before treatment, Luke’s vocabulary consisted of gibberish, mimicking what was said to him, or repeating the same few phrases, and asking for basic needs in a sing-song voice: “want milk,” “want juice,” etc. Public places were greeted with fits and tantrums and usually had to be avoided altogether.

cody crouch


After 10 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, Cody’s mom reported that he has been:             Sleeping better, More aware of surroundings,  More Affectionate, Playing with toys appropriately More Compliant, Calmer, less hyperactive,  Also, his skin color is no longer pale, and Happier Disposition

Savannah Halliday

​Savannah weighed only one pound at birth and by age two had undergone 7 surgeries and been in a coma twice. Her parents were told by doctors to “prepare for the loss” of their child. Savannah has been involved in multiple therapies and most recently added mild hyperbaric therapy. Previous therapy had shown some improvements but Savannah had hit a plateau in her progress. In just a few short months Savannah has become much more vocal. She talks almost constantly now and when she’s not talking, she’s singing. "Savannah used to avoid making eye contact unless directed; now she will voluntarily make eye contact and initiate conversation, usually because she’s asking for something. She’s even shown us lately that she has a sense of humor."·              Her progression at school is so noticeable in fact that they have re-evaluated her placement.

Aeryn and Hunter Thomasson


Hunter is 3 years old with Autism. Since hyperbaric therapy, Hunter has been able to dress himself with minimal help Hunter now answers questions the first time he is asked.  He has become better at navigating the stairs.   He has received good reports from school and is even showing his mom how to do things on the computer!     Hunter’s little sister Aeryn is 2 years old and also has autism.  Aeryn is more interactive after hyperbaric therapy, able to jump for the first time, and seems “different.” Aeryn has become more interested in what her brother is doing, they are even fighting over the same toys now.

Michael O'Neill

Michael, 7, has severe autism.Mother Marla put aside expectations while keeping hope alive that her son could be helped by  hyperbaric therapy. Michael has shown improvements in his eye contact, language clarity, handwriting and focus on academics. Michael likes therapy so much he asks for “more tunnel” everyday! Mom has excitedly reported that the pain from her Fibromyalgia has greatly decreased, a wonderful side benefit for her!

Tyler Jones

             Tyler is 12 and at age 8 he was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. He also has ADHD. Although he excels at academics, he has trouble in school because of behavior issues and easily becomes frustrated Tyler also has sensory issues and fine motor difficulties. His second and third session in the chamber, Tyler fell asleep! He has not taken a nap since he was 16 months old. Tyler has begun sleeping through the night, something he has never done before. Tyler loves to go into the chamber with his sister Kelsi!

Jordan prickett


7 year old Jordan is on the autism spectrum. After hyperbaric therapy Jordan is listening and following directions better, even with more complex instructions. Jordan is making better eye contact. After 50 sessions, Jordan asked to play outside for the first time in his life! Jordan’s speech is increasing, and recently he initiated some pretend play.

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