Experience the healing Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

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Information on purchasing or renting a hyperbaric chamber

Please note:  “The rental and sales of portable Hyperbaric Chambers financially support the efforts at HYPERBARIC PHP to serve families and individuals in need – by enabling us to provide the lowest priced Hyperbaric Therapy sessions in the country. Please help us continue our endeavor by considering us your source for in-home or clinical hyperbaric chamber needs.”

Hyperbaric PHP is glad to offer you the option of renting or purchasing a hyperbaric chamber for use in your home or office. Access to this treatment on a daily basis has proven to be incredibly beneficial for those with major injuries, surgeries, and ongoing chronic medical conditions, especially for those for whom oxygen is prescribed as a necessary medical treatment.

Hyperbaric Chambers are medical devices FDA approved for in home use with prescription from a medical doctor. A doctor's prescription is required to rent or purchase a chamber.

​If you or someone you know is interested in hyperbaric chamber for use at home or as an adjunct to a practice including wellness centers, chiropractors, medical doctors, and therapy centers, please let us know by email at htcbill@yahoo.com or by calling the clinic 678 765-7220 or Bill Schindler 678 794-5863